DEROTTO Leasing Rebrand


DEROTTO Leasing is a family-owned and operated business in Armstrong, BC. They are similar to a mortgage broker, but they specialize in asset-based financing for Canadian businesses across Canada. DEROTTO is celebrating its 20th year in the financing & leasing industry and therefore, wanted a full rebrand and website redesign.


The challenge I was presented with was creating a brand identity that stood out from their competitors. With an industry such as financing & leasing, we wanted the brand to feel less intimidating for people and to add a bit of fun.

Target Audience

The target audience of DEROTTO is Canadian small business owners mostly in construction, landscaping, trucking companies, and any blue-collar companies. The target audience is very general since they work with so many different companies. The list of what can be leased is truly endless!


For their logo, I wanted to create an abstract logomark that represents some of DEROTTO’S company values. I combined the two O’s and T’s from their name to create a unified shape that resembles an arrow in the center going upwards for growth.





DEROTTO Leasing was very pleased with their rebrand and new website, especially for their 20th anniversary.

Let’s work together!