Breaking Down Some of the Different Types of Logos

Logo Design

Combination Mark

A Combination mark incorporates both a wordmark and a symbol/icon, providing flexibility and brand recognition through both text and image.


This option is great for start up businesses as it gives the consumers more of an opportunity to recognize your brand. With having both the wordmark and the symbol incorporated into one logo, it allows people to associate the symbol of your company with the business name.


As a company gains more recognition they can start using just the symbol/icon as more people associate that symbol with the brand. 




Wordmarks consist of the company’s name or a word rendered in a unique and stylized font. They rely on typography to create a distinctive visual identity.


A wordmark is a great variation for a company that has a short and memorable name. With using a wordmark it allows consumers to remember the business name while also showcasing the brand’s voice through a stylized font. However, just having a wordmark as a logo is often not enough to gain recognition as a brand. Having the wordmark as a variation of a company’s main logo is excellent for versatility of a logo




Like the wordmark, the lettermark uses a stylized font to represent the company logo. It is initials or an acronym of the company’s name designed in a creative manner. 


For company’s that have a longer name, having a lettermark rather than the full name incorporated into the logo can offer more versatility. Initials or an acronym may also be easier for consumers to remember your brand rather than a long name.


Pictorial Mark


Pictorial marks are logo symbols or icons that represent the brand through a recognizable image or symbol.


This is likely to be one of the first logotypes people think of when they hear “logo”. Some of the most recognizable brands use pictorial marks such as, the Nike swoosh, the apple logo or targets “target”. If done correctly, having a pictorial logo is a very effective way to brand a business if people can associate an image with the brand.

However, this logotype is often only used with well-known established brands as they have become more recognizable. For a startup or small business just relying on a pictorial mark isn’t enough to gain recognition as a brand.


Abstract Mark


Abstract marks are non-representational symbols that don’t directly resemble anything specific but are designed to be unique and memorable.


These types of logos are becoming more popular as it gives a brand the opportunity to really stand out from competitors. Creating a unique symbol only associated with your brand can give your audience a chance to really resonate with your company. Like the pictorial mark, abstract marks aren’t enough for smaller businesses to gain enough recognition. Especially for an abstract mark that doesn’t represent anything besides your company.