The Logo Design Process

Logo Design

For those unfamiliar with the logo design process, I want to break down the steps I take to ensure I create the best logo for a particular brand. There are 5 stages I go through when creating a logo, the discovery phase, moodboarding and research, presenting my concept, revisions and then getting to the final design. 


Creating an impactful logo isn’t just about making it look pretty. Although, that is of course part of my job, it isn’t the only aspect of making a good logo. Now, with the implementation of AI in our world, the computer can generate a logo within seconds. But why not just use AI to create your logo? Because AI can’t give us that human connection we all need. By going through my process I ensure I take into consideration your story, background, target audience and what inspires you. This way I can create a logo that really resonates with people in a way that AI can’t.


Discovery Phase


During the discovery phase I have a one-on-one thirty to sixty minute meeting with you to get as much information as I can about your business and what you want. This is an essential step in the process, as this is where I generate all of the information I need to best serve you in what you want the final outcome to be.


Here are the categories I cover in our meeting:

  • Background and Story
  • Your mission
  • Target audience
  • Marketing outlets
  • Design assets
  • Inspiration


MoodBoard and Brainstorming


After the discovery phase I get into the mood board and brainstorming phase. This is where I take what I learned about you and your business and start brainstorming. I create moodboards based on some of your inspiration and vision, and combine it with what I see as the best fit for your brand. This may include some logos from other brands, pictures that I feel represent what your brand’s tone is.


Concept Presentation


After mood boarding and brainstorming some ideas for the logo, I then came up with one, well-rounded logo concept. Presenting one concept is a point of contention for designers, however I have found this to be the best option. For starters, I feel one concept gives me the chance to give it my full attention and really think it through. I have also found that I lean heavily to the first concept I come up with and then the next one or two ideas aren’t as strong. One concept will give a clear direction and let my clients know I’ve done the work already and have created the best logo for them.




I allow up to two revisions of the logo I have presented. There can be as many changes within those two revisions, but after this any other revisions will be an extra expense. Since I only present one logo concept it’s important that I get your input as well.  


Final Design

After you’re happy with the logo after the revision phase (if there is any), I then create a brand guide. This will outline your brand’s typography, colour choices and any other instructions on how to use your new logo and its variations. I then, will send over all the files of any fonts for the brand, as well as the jpg, png, and svg file formats for the logo!