SOS Community Connections


SOS Community Connections (formally known as SOS Volunteer Centre) approached us and wanted a full rebrand and website. They wanted a name change as well since they were beginning to expand their services.


SOS Community Connections has many volunteering opportunities. They wanted to narrow down their brand messaging and create a brand that encapsulates all their services.

Target Audience

They appeal to a wide range of people who want to give back to their community. Here are some of the basic demographics: age: 15-70, location: Penticton, BC, gender: male and female, income: all ranges


The circle represents the “O” in SOS while the two half-circle shapes represent the shape of an “S” and the two “Cs” of Community Connections. These shapes combined also show a smiley face. The surrounding square represents the idea of “building blocks” for the brand’s growth.



SOS Community Connections loved the rebrand and website. They felt it represented their company and their values with a modern look.


Berit Sabourin |

Vanessa Mendez Sanchez

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